Laura Marie is a performing singer songwriter in the non-voting state of Texas. Her hope is to inform and encourage people to speak up and take part in the election process. Her current single "This is a Call" was inspired in part by the dismal voter turnout in recent elections but it's mostly about overcoming the fear of speaking out about things that matter. 

Please note that while this site is non-partisan, Laura Marie is quite vocal about where she stands on issues both in her songwriting and on social media. If you would like her to "shut up and sing", she kindly suggests you listen to the music offline instead of following her on social media because, in the words of the great Austin philosopher D. Goodhue, "She has things to say."

This is a Call can be seen, heard, downloaded and streamed via smarturl.it/thisisacall

Much love. 


P.S. You are hereby notified that hateful commentary concerning this effort may be shared on the internet...for posterity.  

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